Master Tailor

"John Chang, the co-owner of Tailor John Cleaners in Elk Grove, is known as the tailor in the Sacramento region. Ryan Hammond of R. Douglas Custom Clothier uses Chang to fine-tune his custom-made suits. 'His attention to detail is unrivaled,' says Hammond. 'Every detail matters to him. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.'"

Sacramento Magazine

40 Years of Clothing Experience

Tailor John began his craft creating and tailoring clothes by hand. This expertise translates into a complete understanding of the proper care necessary to keep your clothes in pristine condition. With our unmatched experience and customer service, you can feel confident that you are leaving your clothes with someone you can trust.


We provide cleaning for all types of clothing and materials, including leather, gowns, and bedding. All our cleaning and alterations are done personally and on site to ensure our highest level of quality.


We have two locations for your convenience. Please feel free to use which ever location is best for you.

Elk Grove Village

Our plant store. All cleaning and alterations are done here. Please come here for tailoring consultation.

Waterman Plaza

Our drop-off store, for your convenience. Deliveries between stores are made daily.